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About DemoShopInstantShoe


LOGO DEMOSHOPINSTANTSHOEFeet diseases represent an important social problem, being the female population who principally suffer from it. The Hallux Valgus is the most frequent feet deformation affecting one of every five women at adult age. This pathology, together with other deformations of the front part of the foot, are in most cases caused by a continued use of inadequate footwear, providing a poor fitting between the foot and the footwear.

The trends marking the aesthetics and fashion of the female footwear compels to realize a more precisely fitting to guarantee the comfort and functionality of this product. But the differences in morphometry of the human foot makes it very difficult to provide an adequate fitting to every user in a personalized way and causes that, especially in the case of women, the footwear becomes uncomfortable and unhealthy.

In this context, the European shoe industry needs to identify, assimilate and exploit the new technologies to continue being competitive, as well as developing new concepts, aiming at applications of added value in high technologies areas, as materials and compounds. In the presence of these challenges, the principal objective of this project is to develop a high-end female footwear being novel, ergonomic and personalized. Therefore, this initiative will generate new footwear upper materials based on composites including a shape memory alloy, creating an innovative service of shoe personalization in-store.

For that, some basic measurements of the client’s feet will be taken in store and, by means of an automatic deformable last, the upper material will be modified in order to adapt the footwear to the client’s foot geometry. This shoe personalization pursues to prevent some of the main podological problems affecting the women as described previously. If the client rejects the footwear after being personalized, shoe will be heated and will recover its original geometry thanks to its shape memory properties.

The DemoShopInstantShoe is a direct follow on from the very successful ShopInstantShoe project, which came to promising conclusions in February 2012. After the end of this new project, which will last 22 months, the personalization service will be available for commercialization.

The challenges to face in this project are:

  • To scale-up the range of upper materials to creating new smart textile based composites that facilitate to cover a wider footwear market segment.
  • To extend the footwear women models able to be personalized in order to fulfil the target needs and increasing the commercial scope of the product-service.
  • To develop the industrialization of the product manufacturing system.
  • To upgrade the novel customization process to a pre-commercial service, adapting the required customization shop tool to retail channel needs.
  • To validate the new improvements expected, including temporary in-shop pilot testing to reach the standard specification for the product-service, as well as outlining the most profitable business exploitation through further analysis.